Bulletproof yet cost efficient trusted timestamping

Our blockchain-based trusted timestamping service provides a secure way to prove the time of existence of any digital asset, including contracts, invoices, media files, intellectual property, software, and more. Blockchain-based

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How it Works

1. Submit your file or information

You can provide any file or information that you want to timestamp.

2. We record it on the blockchain

We create a permanent blockchain record of your data with its unique hash.

3. Receive a lifetime certificate

You will receive a certificate that contains all the necessary information to securely prove a timestamp of your data.



You no longer have to rely on a trusted timestamp authority (TSA) as the depositary is a distributed blockchain network, free from control and manipulation.


The blockchain technology ensures that once a timestamp has been recorded, it cannot be changed by anyone.


Timestamping your data has never been easier. You don’t need any special software, just a few clicks and your data is securely timestamped.



One time payment for a lifetime certificate